Routine Eye Care

Vision problems are extremely common. At some point there is usually a need for some form of correction either for reading, working on the computer or for distance.

Regular eye check-ups not only track and correct any corrective lens prescriptions; they are important for early detection of problems such as glaucoma or macular degeneration. The field of eye care has advanced at an unparalleled rate over the past few years. There are now many options for early detection and treatment of eye diseases and vision abnormalities. And with a convenient Anaheim location, high-quality care and treatment is only minutes away. Visit our OC optometry for your routine eye exams!

Best practices for good eye health

Some of the recommended actions for caring for vision are:

  • Annual eye exams conducted by an ophthalmologist or optometrist in Anaheim
  • Protection against damage from dust, work related hazards and the sun
  • Following instructions regarding care of contact lenses
  • Education on eye health and signs of disease

Atlantis Eyecare Anaheim offers comprehensive eye care services at one convenient location. Our office is focused on catering to every need whether it is an eye exam, cataract surgery, LASIK or choosing the most flattering frames for glasses. Our eye doctors and support staff are second to none and provide exceptional eye care for all members of the family. In addition, our advanced equipment makes it possible to benefit from the latest discoveries in maintaining eye health and sharp vision.

Annual eye exams

The foundation to good eye health is based on receiving routine eye exams. As in any health maintenance program, annual exams allow our doctors to screen for signs of disease as well as to monitor vision. Often symptoms of disease or the need for vision correction are impossible to detect in the early stages when correction is easiest. Cataracts are a fact of life for most people and monitoring this condition year to year is one of the best ways of determining the best time for treatment.

Examining the eyes

All eye exams at Atlantis Eyecare are conducted by our board certified optometrists and ophthalmologists. Optometrists and ophthalmologists work together to provide whatever level of care is needed for each patient. Our optometrists perform exacting vision exams which can include the use of pupil dilating drops to check for signs of disease. Surgical procedures are always conducted by one of our ophthalmologists if needed.

After the eye exam

Once the exam is completed the results are provided to the patient and any issues that have been detected are discussed. The treatment options are provided which often is simply a prescription for corrective lenses. If any disease of the eye has been detected, a treatment plan is provided to manage or treat the condition. Anaheim residents do not need to travel for treatment. At Atlantis Eyecare we have the medical professionals and advanced equipment necessary to treat everything from nearsightedness to complex retina conditions. Schedule your routine eye exam at a time convenient to you to protect your precious vision.

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