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At Atlantis Eyecare Anaheim, we see many patients who have cataracts that have progressed to the point of causing vision problems. This condition affects over 20 million older Americans and the numbers are growing as the population ages. While it is a condition which usually affects seniors, it can develop in some people in their 40s. Atlantis Eyecare is proud to serve our Anaheim patients at our convenient location at 947 S. Anaheim Blvd., Suite 120 Anaheim, CA 92805. Our optometrists & ophthalmologists are able to provide some of the best treatment with cataract surgery Orange County can offer.

Cataracts form over time. Changes in the ocular lens in the eye cause the lens to become opaque which causes blurred vision and mutes how patients see color. As the lens becomes more and more clouded it can cause blindness.

Options for treatment of cataracts

Developing cataracts happens over time. At first the effects are minor and the only action that is done is to monitor the degree of obstruction. Annual eye exams are important to not only to monitor cataracts but to check for other conditions such as glaucoma.

When daily life becomes impacted by blurred vision to the point of restricting activities like driving or reading, surgery is the only treatment that will remedy this condition. It is one of the most common surgeries done on the eye and as a result has evolved into a painless and fast procedure requiring little to no downtime.

Cataract surgery removes the clouded lens and replaces it with a clear lens. Recently a new procedure called refractive lens exchange (RLE) has given patients the ability to choose a lens that will correct vision problems within the eye. The artificial lens is clear which in itself removes the blurriness caused by the clouded natural lens. Atlantis Eyecare Anaheim specializes in this advance in eye care and carries the full spectrum of artificial lenses available for refractive lens exchange.

Top tier cataract surgeons

Cataract surgery is performed thousands of times a day in America and while it is a common procedure it still provokes a feeling of vulnerability in most people. Vision is a precious communication tool. That is why Atlantis Eyecare Anaheim ensures that every eye doctor on the team is highly experienced with thousands of successful cataract surgeries to their credit. Our surgeons are board certified in their particular specialty which is a strong indicator of dedication to excellence. Board certification is very difficult to get and is done on a voluntary basis; it is not necessary to be board certified to obtain a license.

Not only are our cataract surgeons among the best available, they also stay completely current on the latest improvements in the equipment used in surgery as well as the various lenses that can be implanted to restore crisp clear sight. Anaheim residents can rest assured that they have access to top tier surgeons when they decide it is time to have their cataracts removed.

Cataract removal procedure explained

The development of safe, reliable cataract surgery has given millions of people the ability to avoid age related blindness. It is considered very effective in restoring bright clear vision and can additionally improve vision problems from within the eye reducing or eliminating the need for wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Surgery is done on an outpatient basis with each eye done separately about a week apart. This gives time for the first eye to fully heal so patients can return to work and normal activities while the second eye is healing.

An incision of only 3 millimeters is performed in the eye capsule through which an ultrasonic probe is inserted. This creates very little trauma to the eye as the probe reduces the clouded lens to small particles that can easily be removed through the tiny incision.

After the lens is fully removed a new clear lens is inserted. Some patients opt to have a single focus clear lens implanted while others want their vision corrected through the use of modern refractive correcting lenses. At Atlantis Eyecare, our patients are consulted prior to surgery to determine their vision correction goals. The various lens options are presented with their pros and cons, if any, and the patient decides which type of lens to implant. Medicare will cover the cost of a monofocal lens but not the added cost of the newer multifocal lenses so that can be a factor in the decision as well.

The tiny incision is able to accommodate the new lens as it is folded before placement. Once in the right spot, it unfolds into the lens capsule. Stitches are not usually needed and after the surgeon has determined the lens is properly placed and centered, the surgery is done.

Clear vision restored

Patients who have been gradually losing their vision are delighted to experience clearer, sharper vision almost immediately following the 10 to 25 minute surgery. Patients can expect to return to return to their usual activities in a day and depending on the type of work, should allow for a week to fully recover functioning vision.

Cataract surgery is pain free and has evolved into a safe, life changing procedure. If you would like an assessment of your cataracts to determine if it is time for surgery, the surgeons at Atlantis Eyecare Anaheim are ready to assist. Visit Atlantis Eyecare Anaheim for some of the best results from cataract surgery Orange County patients depend on.

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