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Atlantis Eyecare: Over 100,000 Procedures Performed

Comprehensive eye care covers a wide range of services both surgical and non-surgical. In order to accommodate these needs, we have a team of doctors and surgeons specializing in every aspect of eye care. These specialties include LASIK vision correction, comprehensive eye examinations, cataract surgery and refractive lens exchange.

Experience is our foundation. Our surgeons and eye doctors in Anaheim have over 100,000 procedures to their credit which translates into world class care for our patients. Considered among the best in the nation, Atlantis Eyecare surgeons continue to advance knowledge in the field of eye care through publications and training sessions.

Whether you need a new pair of glasses, contact lenses or complex surgery, Atlantis Eyecare Anaheim can take care of the needs of every member of the family.


Almost everyone will develop cataracts as the aging process advances, some as early as 40. More than twenty million Americans are affected by cataracts which at some point will need to be treated to preserve vision. Find out about your treatment options for cataracts.

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Refractive Lens Exchange

Once the clouded natural lens is removed through cataract surgery, an artificial lens, called an intraocular lens, is inserted. This refractive lens exchange is also a strategy for preventing cataract development for those wishing a more proactive approach.

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The miracle of LASIK has allowed over 12 million people to live without glasses or contact lenses. Developed in the 1990s, the technology can now correct most vision problems stemming from cornea imperfections. LASIK performed at Atlantis Eyecare Anaheim is safe, affordable and effective and fast. Find out how we can help you with LASIK.

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A retinal evaluation is usually performed by age 40 unless there are symptoms that appear earlier. The retina is highly complex and delicate structure requiring the experience of a retina specialist for diagnosing and treating retinal disorders. Managing and treating diseases of the retina are critical to preserving vision.

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General Eye Care

Taking care of your eyes when you are younger is the best way of ensuring your vision will age gracefully. Sharp vision doesn’t last forever but there are many options available to remedy blurred or distorted vision. Taking care of routine eye health is one of the top goals at Atlantis Eyecare Anaheim.

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Detection and treatment of glaucoma is critical in vision health. This is a disease that affects the optic nerve. It is a disease that presents no symptoms so screening is always a part of every eye exam at Atlantis Eyecare. Blindness due to glaucoma can be prevented if caught early enough.

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