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Atlantis Eyecare Anaheim: Comprehensive Eye Care Close to Home

People searching for premium eye care have one goal: to find the best possible eye care for all of their needs. At Atlantis Eyecare, we offer a wide range of eye care services provided by leading eye doctors using the latest state of the art equipment. Our goal is to provide outstanding service which is conveniently located to our patients work and home locations. Currently we offer eight locations in Southern California located in easy to access areas. Make an appointment to visit one of our OC optometry centers for easy, convenient eye care.

We are proud of the treatment team we offer. We can provide basic services such as annual examinations and filling optical prescriptions, as well as advanced cataract surgery, LASIK and complex lens exchange surgery. You can rest assured that our optometrists & ophthalmologists provide some of the best results from cataract surgery & Lasik Anaheim has to offer. In addition, our staff is among the best in the nation and work together seamlessly to provide patients with care that is second to none. Our mission is to provide world class service in locations that align with our patient’s daily life. With our Anaheim location, patients can easily access services close to home, school or work.

Anaheim residents only need to remember one name for their eye care services: Atlantis Eyecare.

Atlantis Eyecare – A Summary of Services

  • Comprehensive coordinated eye care

    Our team of eye care doctors are leaders in their specialties providing outstanding vision correction at all levels. Atlantis Eyecare uses a digital system of storing records which allows our doctors to coordinate care for each patient no matter how many professionals are involved in treatment.

  • Top specialists committed to eye health

    Atlantis Eyecare attracts world class eye doctors who are leaders in the multiple specialties offered at our center. They are committed to providing outstanding service as well as contributing to the advancement of eye care discoveries. They are often keynote speakers at professional meeting and many have published scholarly papers on their improvements to their field. While their patients come first, they are dedicated to providing other eye care professionals with the benefit of their experience.

  • 100,000 treatments delivered

    The eye doctors at Atlantis Eyecare Anaheim have a wealth of experience that is distinguished by the stellar results obtained particularly in difficult and complex eye care cases. Experience is crucial when vision is at stake.

  • Cutting edge technology combined with exact surgical methods

    Eye care technology is advancing rapidly and the doctors at Atlantis Eyecare Anaheim are relentless in remaining current in the latest developments. Eye surgery requires laser precise technique. Our physicians are renowned for their remarkable results in complex vision correction surgery. Providing accurate, safe and successful eye care is the number one goal at Atlantis Eyecare Anaheim.

  • Caring, experienced and dedicated

    Providing support to our physicians is a team of administrative staff who are dedicated to making patients feel comfortable and cared for. They understand the prospect of eye surgery may be daunting for some and ensure that patients have the best experience possible when visiting our clinic.

  • Located in eight Southern California communities

    Atlantis Eyecare has opened offices in areas that provide convenient access for most of Southern California. We have tried to make it simple and convenient for patients to benefit from the top tier service we are known for.

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