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The world of vision correction changed in the 1990s with the FDA’s approval of a new procedure called LASIK. Since then it has become among the most performed surgical procedures in America. LASIK safely corrects vision problems in millions of people each year restoring clear sharp vision with almost no downtime.

Vision distortions are frequently caused by defects in the shape of the cornea. With LASIK surgery cornea shape is corrected using laser energy. This correction allows the eye to clearly focus at multiple distances. The procedure takes just minutes and many patients are then able to function without glasses or contact lenses. LASIK technology has continued to develop over the years but it is still the skill of the surgeon that is most important to achieving the best results. At Atlantis Eyecare in Anaheim, we are proud of the caliber of LASIK surgeons we have attracted to deliver this game-changing service. Visit Atlantis Eyecare in Anaheim for trusted, proven results from Lasik Anaheim patients can rely on.

Focusing on patient results

Every patient presents a unique set of vision correction problems which we try our best to fully meet. At Atlantis Eyecare we focus on what our patients are hoping to accomplish with LASIK surgery. Patient goals are discussed during the consultations before the procedure and any fears that patients might have are laid to rest. Our surgeons are among the best in the world and have the judgment and focus needed to deliver top tier LASIK Orange County patients can rely on.

Vision problems corrected by LASIK

LASIK can now correct more vision conditions due to improvements in equipment and technique. Patients with nearsightedness and farsightedness have been able to get results with LASIK for many years. Recent advances have enabled our surgeons to also help patients with astigmatism restoring vision in many cases to better than 20/20.

Corrective lenses vs. LASIK

Most patients want to be able to do routine tasks without the bother of contact lenses or glasses. This is why they seek LASIK surgery. Glasses get lost and broken and lenses become scratched. Contact lenses require significant maintenance and are a problem in dusty environments. LASIK surgery corrects vision almost immediately allowing patients to live their lives without corrective lenses. After this life changing surgery patients can enjoy natural sharp vision which they don’t have to think about; it’s just there.

Sports such as swimming and scuba diving are much easier without the need for corrective lenses. Certain work situations are safer without the burden of corrective lenses. It is difficult to get safety gear over glasses which can be dangerous. Overall quality of life is improved when corrective lenses aren’t needed. Clearly seeing the bedside clock, easily reading or watching TV are just a few life experiences that are greatly improved through LASIK.

LASIK procedure steps

This procedure is done thousands of times a year at Atlantis Eyecare. Before your surgery, patients are walked through the steps so they know what to expect. There are three separate parts to LASIK surgery which begin as soon as the patient is settled and the anesthetic eye drops have taken effect.

The first stage is called flap creation. The surgeon creates an opening on the outer layer of the eye which is left attached and folded back.

The second stage is the reshaping of the cornea using laser energy. This generally takes about a minute per eye.

Lastly the flap is replaced and smoothed into position. No stitches are needed as the eye flap heals very quickly.

After the surgery is over, patients can return home to rest for the day. Most patients can carry on with most activities the day after surgery.

LASIK is truly a modern miracle providing clear sight with a treatment that lasts minutes. It is less irritating than placing contact lenses and provides a dramatic improvement to vision almost immediately. Patients are universally surprised at how fast and easy it is to regain clarity of vision they thought was lost to them. The surgeons at Atlantis Eyecare Anaheim are always delighted to share in the joy of their patient’s return to sharp vision without restrictions.

Almost everyone can be helped with LASIK surgery. To find out your unique options, the professionals at our Anaheim location will be happy to provide you with a thorough eye exam and recommendations on achieving clear sharp vision. We also provide a FREE LASIK CONSULTATION if this is all that is needed. Call today for your appointment.

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