Refractive Lens Exchange

Replacing the natural lens with an artificial lens is a very common eye surgery called cataract removal. Some people opt to proactively have the surgery to prevent the formation of cataracts or to halt the progression of the condition. These patients don’t want to deal with wearing corrective glasses or contact lenses to compensate for cataracts.

The replacement lens is called an intraocular lens (IOL), which simply means inside the eye. As it is artificial, it will never develop cataracts and is considered a lifetime solution.

Presbyopia is another condition of the natural lens that a refractive lens exchange will remedy. This is a condition where the proteins in the lens make it harder and less elastic thereby limiting the focusing range. This causes blurry vision.

Using refractive lens exchange to prevent vision loss can:

  • Eliminate the risk of ever developing presbyopia or cataracts
  • Reduce nearsightedness and farsightedness
  • Offer an alternative to LASIK for patients with thin corneas
  • Eliminate the need for corrective glasses or contact lenses
  • Plan for future vision correction using exchangeable lenses

Monofocal intraocular lenses (IOLs)

These lenses allow focus only at near or far distances but not both. Corrective lenses are needed for reading or for far vision when using this type of IOL. Insurance will cover the cost of monofocal IOLs as they must be exchanged for the damaged natural lens in cataract surgery.

Tecnis multi-focal lens

The Tecnis® multifocal lens allows patients to regain the ability to focus at any distance no matter what light is available. This lens can greatly reduce or even eliminate dependence on glasses after having cataracts removed which is a goal for many patients.

Crystalens HD

For patients with presbyopia, the Crystalens® HD lens is a wonderful option. It is the first FDA approved accommodating IOL meaning this lens is designed to use eye muscles to bend and shape the lens thus achieving focus at any distance. With presbyopia the natural lens becomes hard and unable to flex. The Crystalens HD provides sharp depth of focus which truly can be used when reading a book, working on the computer or driving.

Another benefit of this lens is that patients report a sharp drop in problems with night vision, glare and halos experienced with other IOLs. One of the reasons for this is that the Crystalens HD lens projects a single image through the optic nerve. Multifocal IOLs project multiple images which must be ‘adjusted’ by the brain for interpretation.

Toric lenses

Toric lenses are a quantum leap for patients with astigmatism in addition to cataracts. This accounts for millions of Americans. The normal cornea is perfectly round which allows images to be properly focused through the lens to the retina. When the cornea is curved and more oval, astigmatism results and causes blurred vision.

Toric lenses adjust for the elliptical shape of the cornea which then sharpens focus. Following cataract surgery where a Toric IOL is placed, 95% of patients are delighted to experience sharp vision. Compare this to cataract surgery in patients with astigmatism who opt for a standard IOL. These patients must wear glasses to enhance their results which are at best a 25% improvement in vision without glasses.

Toric IOL implants are very stable once implanted and provide patients with dual benefits of clear vision which also adjusts for their astigmatism.

Trulign Toric lens

One of the latest advances in treating cataracts with astigmatism is the Trulign® Toric lens. This remarkable lens is available at Atlantic Eyecare Anaheim as an upgrade from the standard IOL that insurance will cover. Approved by the FDA in 2013, it continues to deliver outstanding results for thousands of patients.

How is the Trulign Toric IOL different?

The advances in astigmatism correction are evident in this lens which surpasses other IOLs available. This premium lens is designed for those with acute astigmatism who also have problems reading and doing close work. It can correct vision strength to a point not experienced by many patients for decades. Trulign Toric IOL delivers the best near vision correction of any toric lens currently available. This lens is capable of focusing in various distances which greatly reduces the dependence on glasses.

How do I know which lens is my best option?

Atlantic Eyecare has specialists who can explain the capabilities of each lens in relation to the type of vision correction needed. Consultation with one of our surgeons will cover all of your options. Call our Anaheim office to make an appointment for an examination and consultation.

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